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Resco Backup

Resco Backup for Palm OS

Make, verify and manage security backups for your Palm

Resco Backup is an easy-to-use, but powerful utility to protect your Palm. Resco Backup creates a safety copy of your handheld and lets you restore it in case of problems. While the purpose of various backup solutions is the same, there are important differences in the quality (speed, compression), safety (e.g. taking into account NVFS specifics) or add-on services.

Key features of Resco Backup include:

  • Reliable verification of the backup results
  • Enhanced tools for backup set analysis
  • Powerful backup set management
  • Full or partial backup
  • Full or partial restore
  • Backup projects
  • Prevention of hack crashes by locking them in memory
  • Backup of the internal drive
  • Archive of the deleted files

Making backups of your Palm's stored data is an essential step toward securing your PDA.

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Resco Backup


Resco Backup 2.22

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